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Category: ALL (1000 records) Camarillo - Sporting goods, unique items, electronics, toys, medical supplies, furniture, outdoor goods, baby products, kitchen, pet supplies, automotive, shoes, beauty and more! - October 18th to October 23rd Starts closing on 10/23 at 11:00am at 4 items/minute - Preview: Mon-Fri, 9:00am-2:00pm, Pickup: 10/24 & 10/25 from 9am-3:30pm.

Please take the time to preview items of interest. Some items have not been examined closely and ALL SALES ARE FINAL & all items are AS IS

Item Photo Description
1 T_1.jpgKitchenBoss, Sous Vide G310, Space Silver - Kitchen
2 T_2.jpgBeauty Star, RF, Mini, Skin Beauty Device - Beauty
3 T_3.jpgSignstek, Electronic Touchscreen Door Lock - Home
4 T_4.jpgThe Art Of Pin-Up, Book, Dian Hanson - Home
5 T_5.jpgAmcrest, Hard Drive, 8C, 4K - Electronics
6 T_6.jpgBeaba, Babycook Duo, Gray - Baby/ Kitchen
7 T_7.jpgToshiba, Computer, Windows, Gray - Electronics
8 T_8.jpgMedela, Portable Breast Pump, Backpack - Baby
9 T_9.jpgMassage Gun, Hand Held, Silver - Health
10 T_10.jpgPortable Voice Amplifier, Black - Outdoor
11 T_11.jpgMicrohoo, Personal Air Cooler, Snowman Lite-Home
12 T_12.jpgLarge Silver Wrapping Paper- Office
13 T_13.jpgUnitary Brand Black Printed Finish- Home
14 T_14.jpgGrandpas Feeders, Chicken Feeders- Outdoor & Pet
15 T_15.jpgCarex, Rolling Walker- Medical
16 T_16.jpgActcut, Gray Throw Fur- Home
17 T_17.jpgLarge Gray Memory Foam Mat- Home
18 T_18.jpgSwiftOpen, 3 Person Pop Up Tent, Blue- Outdoor
19 T_19.jpgSwiftOpen, 3 Person Pop Up Tent, Blue- Outdoor
20 T_20.jpgSwiftOpen, 3 Person Pop Up Tent, Blue- Outdoor
21 T_21.jpgPop Up Beach Tent, Blue- Outdoor
22 T_22.jpgBlue Curtains, Long Blue Curtains - Home
23 T_23.jpgGray Curtains, Long Curtains- Home
24 T_24.jpgDoeworks, 2 Pack Nude Shade Sail- Outdoor goods
25 T_25.jpg2 Pages, Standarn Earthy Gray Curtains- Home
26 T_26.jpgVeeyo, Nude Throw Blanket- Home
27 T_27.jpgTillYou, Microfiber Breathable 4 Pc Crib Bumper- Baby & Bedding
28 T_28.jpgNavy Blue, Long Curtains, Blackout Curtains
29 T_29.jpgLarge Road Play Rug- Home
30 T_30.jpgRuyiot Wheel Lock , Car Tire Lock , Anti Theft Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp- Automotive
31 T_31.jpgVolcora, Cash Drawer, Model: 500001- Home
32 T_32.jpgExpandable Black Line Rope, Movie Theater Black Line Rope- Outdoor Goods
33 T_33.jpgLG 32" UHD 4K 32UK50T LED LCD Monitor w/ Dual HDMI Display Port AMD Free Syn ( Renewed) PARTS ONLY- Electronics
34 T_34.jpgFour Seasons Essential Mattress Encasement, White, + Sahler Baby , Floral Handmade Childrens Bedding- Bedding
35 T_35.jpgAmalfi Decor, Geometric Hanging Chandelier , Black Iron- Lighting
36 T_36.jpgBino, Curved Shower Rod, 72''- Bath
37 T_37.jpgLesonic, Chair Mat, Black Plastic Textured Mat- Office
38 T_38.jpgMayfair Linen, 4 Pc White Sheet Set, + Gray Duvet Cover Set Plus 2 Pillow Cases- Bedding
39 T_39.jpgDogShell Car SUV/Dog Set Extended Bridge, Black- Pet
40 T_40.jpg2 White Memory Foam Pillows- Bedding
41 T_41.jpgGo Sport, Foldable Black Cornhole Set- Outdoor Goods
42 T_42.jpg3Ft LED Tube Light, 30W LED Bar Light- Lighting
43 T_43.jpg2 Brown Rug Set- Bath
44 T_44.jpgBlack Yoga Mat- Fitness
45 T_45.jpg4 Pc Toddler Bed Set Navy Blue, Bella Kline Premium Box Spring Protector- Bedding
46 T_46.jpgUnicorn Onsie Childrens, & Plush Elephant Toy- Clothing & Toy
47 T_47.jpgWhite Long, Blackout Curtains- Home
48 T_48.jpgMaple Down, Weighted Blanket, 60" X 80", 17lbs, Gray- Bedding
49 T_49.jpgBlackout, Mali Luxury Thermal 3" Tape Curtains, Black- Home
50 T_50.jpgDog Car Seat Cover, Hammock Convertible, Black- Pet

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