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SOLD - 2/25 Simi Valley - MINI AUCTION! More of our great inventory, smaller volume! - February 20th to February 25th Starts closing at 11:00am on 2/25 at 2 items/minute. Preview Tue - Thu from 10:00am to 2:00pm ONLY. Pickup: 2/26 from: 9:00am-3:30pm, 2/27 from: 9:00am-2:00pm

Please take the time to preview items of interest. Some items have not been examined closely and ALL items are as is. There are no refunds, exchanges or store credits for auction items.

Item Description
1.Blue and Black Scooter - Sports
2.Cecilio Decorative White Violin With Black Carrying Case - Home
3.InFusion NewHaven Purple and Silver Putter - Sports
4.Odyssey 2.Ball.J Small Putter - Sports
5.Red and Brushed Gold Samurai Sword - Sports
6.Black/White/Pink Samurai Sword - Sports
7.Black and Brushed Gold Samurai Sword - Sports
8.White and Brushed Gold Samurai Sword - Sports
9.Green and Brown Suit Case - Bags
10.NZXT H150 Compact Mid-Tower ATX Case - Electronics
11.Assorted Smartphone Cases, Approx 10+ Count - Electronics
12.Assorted Face Mask Pack - Medical
13.Vassoul Black Peel Mask, 7 Count - Beauty
15.Fuschia V Neck Shirts, Size XL/L - Clothing
16.WS-516C Master Torch Attachment, 8 Count - Tools
17.Assorted AirPod Case Pack - Electronics
18.Mobile Phone Stand Pack - Electronics
19.Hansi Organic BeesWax Bars, 5 Count - Beauty
20.WS-516C Master Torch Attachment, 5 Count - Tools
21.Activated Carbon Masks Filter Pack - Medical
22.Ballotte Heel Grips, 6 Count - Home
23.Smartphone Screen Protector, Approx 15 Count - Electronics
24.iRestore Hair Gummy Vitamin For Thin Hair, EXP:08/22, 10 Count - Beauty
25.iRestore Hair Gummy Vitamin For Thin Hair, EXP:08/22, 10 Count - Beauty
26.iRestore Hair Gummy Vitamin For Thin Hair, EXP:08/22, 10 Count - Beauty
27.iRestore Hair Gummy Vitamin For Thin Hair, EXP:08/22, 10 Count - Beauty
28.iRestore Hair Gummy Vitamin For Thin Hair, EXP:08/22, 10 Count - Beauty
29.Assorted Smartphone Cases, 5+ Count - Electronics
30.Activated Carbon Masks Filter Pack - Medical
31.Winter Gloves Pack - Clothing
32.Winter Gloves Pack - Clothing
33.Winter Gloves Pack - Clothing
34.Winter Gloves Pack - Clothing
35.Winter Gloves Pack - Clothing
36.Assorted Smartphone Cases, 10+ Count - Electronics
37.Assorted AirPods Case Pack - Electronics
38.Assorted Face Mask Pack - Medical
39.Ford Tailgate Emblem, 5 Count - Automotive
40.Courtesy Door Light Inside Model, 4 Count - Automotive
41.Bstaofy Yellow Star Plush - Toys
42.Black and Silver Child Helmet - Sports
43.Wedpus Ivory Heels, Size 8 - Shoes
44.Purple and Black Lace Heels, Size 9 - Shoes
45.Wedopus Ivory Heel Size 9 - Shoes
46.Wedopus Black Heel Size 7 - Shoes
47.Wedpus Ivory Heels, Size 8 - Shoes
48.Assorted Smartphone Case Pack - Electronics
49.Soap Pump and Sponge Caddy, 2 Count - Home
50.The One With All The Cards Game, 2 Count - Toys
51.Women's Razors - Beauty
52.Dreft Stage 2 Active Baby Detergent, 50 fl oz, 2 Count - Home
53.Secret Crush Pippa Posie - Toys
54.Gillete Razor Labs Cartridges, 10 Count - Home
55.Assorted Smartphone Cases Pack, 10+ Count - Electronics
56.SmartWater Refrigerator Filter, 3 Count - Home
57.Extra RGB Gaming Mouse Pad - Office
58.General The Dove Tailer II Aluminum - Tools
59.Ryobi One+ 18V High Pressure Digital Inflator Kit - Electronics
60.Folding Chair Damaged/Uneven Legs - Home
61.Folding Chair Damaged/Uneven Legs - Home
62.Mini Scented Candles Tin, 12 Count - Home
63.Paperlike Screen Protector and SightPro Magnetic Privacy Screen - Electronics
64.RC LED Strip *Used* *Missing Adaptor* - Lighting
65.Zeiss Lens Wipes - Home
66.EarWax Removal, 8 Packs - Medical
67.Gillette Razor Labs Cartridges, 10 Count - Home
68.Gillette Razor Labs Cartridges, 10 Count - Home
69.Dream Toy Doll Diapers, 4 Count - Toys
70.Assorted NFL Swim Trunks - Clothing
71.Pink Porcelain Mugs, 3 Count - Kitchen
72.Assorted Smartphone Cases/Screen Protector - Electronics
73.Assorted Super Mario Toys - Toys
74.Slim Cruiser Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler, 22 oz - Kitchen
75.Betterreal Makeup Sponge With Handle, 4 Packs - Beauty
76.Violin Shoulder Rest,5 Count - Home
77.AC Blower Motor - Home
78.Assorted Hats, 3 Count - Home
79.Vanity Planet Fria Skincare Fridge - Home
80.EVAPLUS UL 42V Electric Scooter Charger, 4 Count - Electronic
81.Dream Toy Doll Diapers, 4 Count - Toys
82.Techgomade Light Bulbs - Lighting
83.Eureka Cleaning Vacuum - Home
84.Eureka Cleaning Vacuum - Home
85.Eureka Cleaning Vacuum - Home
86.Assorted Disposable Protective Mask/Filter Pack - Medical
87.Moker Oil Filter Tool Set - Tool
88.Assorted Smartphone Cases Pack - Electronics
89.Clear Champagne Flutes - Kitchen
90.Dell 120W Tip Charger Cord , 3 Count- Electronics
91.Dell 120W Tip Charger Cord , 3 Count- Electronics
92.Neenah, Cardstock, 300 Sheets - Office
93.Huggies, Pull Ups, Diapers, Size: 2T-3T - Baby
94.Universal Crib Wedge, 3 in 1 - Baby
95.Small Sized Pet Carrier Bag - Pets
96.Vicks, Cold Relief, Filter Free Humidifier - Home
97.Assorted Protective Face Masks - Health
98.Huggies, Slip On, Diapers, Size: 4 - Baby
99.Duke's Home, Non-Stick Micro Pressure Cooker, 6qt - Kitchen
100.Mueller, Ultra Juicer, Model: MU-100 - Kitchen
101.Men Insulated Snow Pants, Medium ,Black - Clothing
102.VMAI, Soundbar Speaker System - Electronics
103.Decorative Flower Planters - Home
104.Decorative Flower Planters - Home
105.Decorative Flower Planters - Home
106.Decorative Flower Planters - Home
107.Decorative Flower Planters - Home
108.Fuzion, Kids Kick Scooter - Sporting Goods
109.Vigrace Gloves, Assorted Gloves - Accessories
110.Assorted Gloves - Accessories
111.Assorted Gloves - Accessories
112.Assorted Gloves - Accessories
113.Assorted Gloves - Accessories
114.Fuzion, Kids Kick Scooter - Sporting Goods
115.Cozy Night, Weighted Blanket, Grey - Bedding
116.Cozy Night, Weighted Blanket, Grey - Bedding
117.Wall Knocker - Home
118.Marpac Rohm ,Portable Sleep Machine - Electronics
119.Camco, Collapsible Utility Basket - Hone
120.Jeep Wrangler Armrest Storage Box - Automotive
121.Jooyhoom, dumbbell set - Fitness
122.Heavy duty Mannequin Tripod - Home
123.Decorative Artificial Pop Up Holiday Tree - Home
124.Juishi, Red/Black car Seat Covers - automotive
125.Table-Mate II, Side Table - Home
126.Large Horizontal Planter, Brown - Home
127.Heavy duty Multi-angle Desk Lamp - Lighting
128.Embroidery Scroll Frame - Home
129.Tomsoo, Floor Lamp, Black - Lighting
130.Ameraultra, Hemorrhoid Symptom Relief Kit - Medical
131.Ameraultra, Hemorrhoid Symptom Relief Kit - Medical
132.Ameraultra, Hemorrhoid Symptom Relief Kit - Medical
133.Ameraultra, Hemorrhoid Symptom Relief Kit - Medical
134.Ameraultra, Hemorrhoid Symptom Relief Kit - Medical
135.Pop Up Canopy, Missing Parts, Damaged - Outdoor Goods
136.5 Pack Light Weight Cereal Bowls - Home
137.Woodstock Chimes - Home
138.Woodstock Chimes - Home
139.Aluminum Pie Pans - Kitchen
140.Assorted Cast Iron Address Numbers - Home
141.Professional Chef's Knife - Home
142.Disney Party Card Games - Food
143.Disney Party Card Games - Food
144.Disney Party Card Games - Food
145.Black Protective Ipad Cases - Electronic Accessories
146.Call Blocker, V5000 - Electronics
147.Assorted License Plate Covers - Automotive
148.4ft Garden Hose - Home
149.Assorted Protective Airpod Cases - Electronic Accessories
150.Full Motion TV Wall Mount - electronic Accessories
151.Assorted Smartphone Accessories - Electronic Accessories
152.OasisSpace, Aluminum Bath Bench - Bath
153.Anatomical Skeleton Foot - Home
154.Assorted Airpods Cases - Electronic Accessories
155.Assorted Smoking Accessories
156.Assorted DC Adapters - Electronics
157.Upside Down Challenge Game - Toys
158.Assorted Women's Pads - Health
159.Assorted Womens Pads - Health
160.Aoben, Electric Spray Gun, Model: AB 2802 - Tools & Equipment
161.RC Smart LED Light strips - Lighting
162.Assorted Pet Accessories
163.2 Tier Acrylic Serving Tray - Home
164.Nautica, Disposable Face Masks - Health
165.Easy Going, Stretch Slipcover,Sofa - Home
166.Easy Going, Stretch Slipcovers, Navy, Chair - home
167.Assorted Pet Toys - Pets
168.Assorted Women's Workout Accessories - Clothing
169.Assorted Baby Clothing - Baby
170.DC, Wonder Woman, Fleece blanket - Bedding
171.Seseno, Plastic Wave Storage Basket - Home
172.Dr.Scholl's, Heavy Duty Support Insoles - Health
173.Boxing Speed Bag Set - Fitness
174.PureFit, Sofa Cover, Blue - Home
175.Easy Going, Stretch Slipcover, Loveseat, Grey - Home
176.Decorative Silicone Kitchen Trays - Kitchen
177.Gillette, Replacement Razors - Health & Beauty
178.TAO, Facial Brush W/ UV Sanitizer - Beauty
179.Sony, Blu-Ray- Disc & DVD Player - Electronics
180.Replacement Car Vent Grill, Black - automotive
181.Assorted Wrench Tools - Tools & Equipment
182.Assorted Key Wrenches - Tools & Equipment
183.Chrome Finish Toilet Handle - Bath
184.Seseno, Plastic Shoe organizers Boxes - Home
185.Assorted Tempered Glass Screen Protectors - electronic Accessories
186.Violin Shoulder Rest - Home
187.2 Pack Arm Reachers - Tools & Equipment
188.GoPro, Monopod Camera Arm - Home
189.Flameless LED Candle Set - Home
190.Grey Fabric Folding Storage Baskets - Home
191.Pegbard Hooks - Home
192.Tide, Anti-Bacterial Fabric Spray - Home
193.Decorative White Photo Frame - Home
194.Grownsy, Baby Wipe Warmer - Baby
195.Easy Going, Ottoman Slipcovers - Home
196.Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Black - Home
197.Assorted Smartphone Accessories - Electronic Accessories
198.Assorted Home Party Decor - Home
199.Assorted Metal wire Baskets - Home
200.Arthritis Gloves- Health

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